Types Of Backlinks in SEO

Search engines evaluate websites based on the algorithm that looks at the amount of referring backlinks and anchor keywords from another website. The backlink is something different from the internal website links and comes from several resources types.

Backlinks are Most Beneficial to SEO

Editorial backlinks

The ideal backlink is an editorial mention that includes a link to your site within high-quality, relevant content. Create evergreen content to attract editorial backlinks. This will make your site and brand a trusted resource for industry insights and interviews.

Engaging, shareable content can go viral. Use SEO tools to build your content strategy. These tools can recognize popular keyword topics and those that your competitors are successful with.

Guest blogging backlinks

It is possible to provide guest posts to well-established sites. To solicit these sites, it’s often possible to include an editorial backlink to your site by practicing guest blogging outreach.

Backlinks for business profiles

You may have the option to post backlinks (or several) when creating digital profiles for your business on social media, review sites, and industry directories. These entries are considered evidence that a site has been established by search engines.

Backlinks to webinars

Sites can link to webinars and recordings of webinars. Sites will embed webinars on their pages, along with a link to your site and a mention of your brand. These backlinks can be achieved using blog promotion techniques: websites you target for guest blogging might also like to include your webinar as a resource.

Backlinks to free-tools

A valuable tool is a powerful way to get both attention and backlinks. This has a long-lasting and deep impact on SEO. You can create a simple but useful asset such as a cost calculator that is valuable to your industry or a simplified version of a paid tool. Promote the tool on sites with similar audiences to yours (use SEO tools for this), and your guest blogging site targets to encourage backlinks.

Other SEO-Boosting backlinks

Acknowledgment backlinks

Sites will often publish acknowledgments when a brand donates, sponsors an industry event, or speaks at it. SEO tools can identify where competitors have earned their backlinks and help you strategize about how to get your acknowledgments.

Guest post bio backlinks

If a site does not allow backlinks in the content, it will usually do so within the author’s bio. These backlinks have a positive effect on SEO even if they are not in the content.

Badge backlinks

A badge that you can award other brands in recognition of their achievements or status is a clever way to establish backlinks. You get a link back from those sites if they proudly display the badge. You’ll need to use SEO tools to identify sites with similar audiences as yours to establish targets for your badge program.

Backlinks from press releases (on media-relevant topics)

A press release is a way for your brand to announce a newsworthy event. It can also serve as a basis for your PR and marketing strategies.

Comment backlinks

If it adds value to the conversation, genuine, relevant comments on content are acceptable. This technique, however, can harm your search engine reputation if it is done in a spammy way. Don’t overdo it.


Creating a better backlink strategy will make your website rank higher in Google’s search results.

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