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That’s right, our tools are FREE to use at this stage. We do, however, appreciate any support to keep us moving forward and improve our services. If you like what we do, please donate to us. We will appreciate any amounts donated.


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We make it easier for you to understand our current pricing policy by displaying the most common question we receive from our customers.

At this stage, Linkascope is a free service to use. We will hover bring some price policy in the future. with more than enough notice for all existing customers to consider if they want to continue using our tools

We are still in development mode in regards to pricing policy to find the most cost-effective way to benefit our customers. We will be grateful, however, to receive any donation if you believe in our service and want to help our development.

We are a business platform, and for sure the will be a fee to use Linkascope's tools in the future. Saying this, we will be delivering free plans for those who want to keep basic monitoring solutions.

We do not ask you for your credit card details, nor will be no locked contracts in our future payment plans that will require credit card details.

We believe customer loyalty comes with quality service and the product we provide. Therefore we have no desire to introduce any lock payment contract to use our tools.

There is no doubt we will introduce several payment plans in future to suit everybody's budget, one thing for sure we will do our best to keep a free plan as well.

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