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Linkascope is an online monitoring software and tools that aim to help website owners and SEO agencies stay in control of backlinks profiles and website uptime performance, which are fundamental elements when it comes to organic search results.

We Are

We are a small team with a clear vision that aims to surpass designated goals. We aim to create irreplaceable measuring and online researching tools that will benefit our customers to improve, grow and succeed in SEO, online marketing, and online visibility.

Where We Are From

Joining forces of SEO specialists and IT gurus to be united in one mission to create robust monitoring and research platform that will helps website masters all over the globe.
We started a journey with only a few online tools with a vision to grow slowly but steadily to expand to a broader range of SEO and marketing research instruments.

Why Choose Us

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Customer Oriented

The customer comes first and is always right. We put your needs over our own. We understand that improving our customer focus will drive us to the overall success


Aiming to go above and beyond, we believe in giving back without asking for anything instead. This is the only way to build a strong reputation and win customer loyalty.


Trust is a fundamental key to a successful relationship. Trust can be built only on transparency. We aim to represent ourselves in an honest, open, and accessible to all our customers.


We are accountable for our mistakes and take personal responsibility for outcomes. Bearing in mind that mistakes do happen and the best we can do is learn from them to improve future performance.