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LINKASCOPE has delivered a perfect marketing tool to help you promote your business and leisure online.

We present you is a URL shortener with inbuilt powerful metric tools to help grow your brand power.

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What is a link shortener?

A link shortener is a solution to convert your mile-long links into short custom link. The tool will shorten your long links into shorter substitutes and still reliably direct to the same web pages. To use our link shortener tool, you only have to copy and paste a long link into our link converter. We will do the rest and transform your link into a custom short link.


What's inside? offers advanced options for businesses to take advantage of link shortening.



More Power and More Control

Short links and powerful platform.

Replace long URLs completely from your email marketing, social media, and customer references. As the actual URL shortener, we do more than provide shortened URLs. We allocate you to better understand your audience by monitoring every click your links receive.

Your short URLs are kept safe

Never lose your links again. is always enabled and never expiry. Increase your click-through rates by your own shortened URLs. Shorten all of your long links with and track unlimited clicks with any of our subscriptions.

Watch your short links stats.

Every link you produce with comes with robust data. Monitor who clicks on your custom links, where they came from, and what device. Get precise analytics for how your links perform. View all of your aggregated metrics in the smart user-friendly dashboard.

We are much more than a free link shortener